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Seminar Series


2017 Seminar Schedule: 




August 12, 2017

Green Roof Birdhouse Fun
10 AM - This green roof birdhouse makes an excellent back to school activity. It's several teaching moments, (birding, environment, gardening), combined into one fun activity. Learn about succulent plants and why they make the best candidates for green roofs.

$20ea - 

 Avon Location

 Bainbridge Location

 Mentor Location

 Oakwood Village Location

 Strongsville Location




Sept., 23, 2017

Owl or Boot Festive Fall Planters
10 AM - A festive fall MITI with plenty of autumn color, perfect for indoors or out.

$30ea - 




Oct., 7, 2017

Fairy Day - Mini Tiered Cottage Planter
10 AM - 12PM This precious mini planter is ready for it's fairy and gnome inhabitants, it just needs some tiny plants, fairy dust and they will be sure to visit your garden!

$12ea - 




Nov., 30, 2017

Plant Night Out - Holiday Spirits Bottle Planter
6-8 PM Back by popular demand! We supply the cut bottle planters and you bring your own holiday spirits and friends! Enjoy an evening of holiday planting, shopping and we'll take care of the mess. Easiest holiday get together ever!

$25ea - 




Dec., 2, 2017
DIY Christmas


Jan., 9, 2017
Yule Log Centerpiece