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We all know someone who could use a little help of positive vibe. Perhaps they just moved, are going through a hard time, or celebrating something special. Whatever the reason, the one commonality among all of them is they could benefit from some type of yard work and good cheer. FOX 8 and Petitti’s are teaming up to help brighten up that special someone’s day. Throughout the season Petitti’s is going to help out our fellow neighbors by sending our Flower Bomb Team that will surprise and delight with some type of at-home lawn and/or gardening support, from big to small.


To nominate a special person who you think deserves the flowers, Click Here.

More info from Fox 8 on Flower Bombing, Click Here.



Sept 2018


Planting Date: Thursday, 10/04

Nominator: Margie Bilinovic

Nominee: Renee Cassell

Their Submission: I am nominating my cousin Renee for the flower bombing contest. She is the kindest most giving person in the world. Her and her husband Tony have had some rough times, but they have raised 4 beautiful children, working multiple jobs to pay tuition for catholic grade school and high school for all of them. About 10 years ago she brought her father into their home, he's 94 now. I'm sure she would be so grateful to have a lovely landscaped yard at their Parma bungalow.


Watch Fox 8 News Segment CLICK HERE



Aug 2018

Planting Date: Thursday, 9/06

Nominator: Jennifer Cooper (Granddaughter)

Nominee: Mr. Wilford Clark

Their Submission: My grandfather always goes above and beyond for our family. Although he lives in Akron, and I'm here in Cleveland he's always been our special someone. I have my own family three kids, and a husband but my grandfather has always assisted our other members of family with afterschool errands, transportation to and from jobs....not to mention he fixes car repairs for those who are in need..he's a taxi, a positive reinforcer, teacher of arts, garden grower, can talk so much wisdom if your willing to listen for hours ??and overall our family's spiritual leader.


Watch Fox 8 News Segment CLICK HERE


July 2018


Planting Date: Wednesday, 8/01

Nominator: Rosemary Cramer

Nominee: Mike & Mandii Cramer

Their Submission: 

I would like to nominate my son Mike Cramer and his wife Mandii for a Flower Bomb extravaganza to celebrate their miracle love story. They have been married for 10 years. In 2011, Mike suffered a massive stroke and was not expected to survive. That December when life support was removed, after a few hours, he began to move. The neurologist said she had no medical explanation for his survival. I know faith, prayer, music, Reiki, love from family friends & their pups too helped us all to get through that first excruciating year and along the hard road of new existence. Most important of all Mandii stayed by his side day after day, year after year to assist in his miraculous recovery. Yes, Mike is different than before but highly functional and an amazing testimony to determination, strong spirit, neuroplasticity and love. Although his short-term memory is compromised, his long-term memory is very good. He helps around the house and is a wonderful Dad to their 2-year-old daughter. He just walked the Wadsworth 5K in 59’55”. I know there are many people deserving of this gift but I believe Mike and Mandii are two of them because of their love, commitment, painful journey and success to live the life God has given them.


Watch Fox 8 News Segment CLICK HERE


June 2018


Planting Date: Wednesday, 6/20

Nominator: Emily Galla

Nominee: Melinda Galla (Emily's mother)

Their Submission:

My name is Emily Galla and I believe my mother, Melinda Galla, deserves to be 'flower bombed'.  My mother is a single parent raising 2 high school and college aged children.  Two years ago, my father unexpectedly passed away.  His sudden passing affected my family, especially my mother, in a way that has forever changed our lives.  My mother assumed the roles of both parents, including the yard work.  Planting flowers used to be my mother's favorite activity to do with me.  However, that has fallen to the wayside as things are of greater importance to her at this time.  Flowering and planting are the things that bring her the most joy, and I know getting 'flower bombed' will be one way that hopefully can inspire her to begin planting flowers again.  I can see no one more deserving of this opportunity than my mother and I hope we will be taken into great consideration.


Watch the Fox 8 News Segment CLICK HERE                 


August 2017


Planting Date: Tuesday, 7/12

Nominator: Amy Rutledge

Nominee: Jodi and Dan Gastaldo


Their Submission:

My brother and sister in-law, Jodi and Dan Gastaldo, had to go through something no parents ever deserve to go through - losing her beloved daughter Maggie to an awful disease. She fought long and hard and ultimately lost her battle and went to Heaven. The family has been through so much and will be reminded of the pain again this September when Maggie passed. 

Maggie's grandma is a florist and she always loved sending and receiving flowers for all sorts of events. This could be her way of getting to send flowers to her parents, two brothers (Ben and Noah) and little sister (Lily) that she never got to meet. 

She also never got to fulfill her Make-A-Wish, so I am making this wish to bring some joy and beauty into their lives and honor Miss Maggie.



June 2017


Planting Date: Friday, 7/14

Nominator: Emily Galan

Nominee: Emilia Galan


Their Submission:

I'd like to nominate my Baba (Ukrainian word for grandma), Emilia Galan, for your next Flower Bombing! She deserves this for so many reasons. She came to the states in the 1950's as a holocaust survivor with only $3 to her name, worked 3 jobs to help support her 3 children, and most impressively, never complained. She has a smile that lights up an entire room and this deep sense of joy that is immediately contagious. She turns 95 this June and she is still living by herself in the house she and her husband built. The one thing that has gotten her down lately is that her garden needs perking up - her favorite hobby is gardening and she has always taken pride in having one of the most beautiful front yards on the block, but hasn't been able to garden as much these past few years due to arthritis. She has been a longtime customer of Pettiti’s, with an annual trip to buy her hanging flower baskets every May. Please help me wish her a happy birthday and thank her for being a great customer and grandmother by Flower Bombing her house! There's a pretty good chance she'll end up making you pierogis!

See the video CLICK HERE 


May 2017


Planting Date: Wednesday, 6/14

Nominator: Olivia Miller

Nominee: Heidi & Anthony Miller


Their Submission:

I would like to nominate my parents to get flower bombed. My name is Olivia and I am 13 years old. My parents really deserve this. They have been through a lot and have big hearts. I would love for them to win. My dad works long hours and my mom stays home with my baby sister. We are officially adopting her on May 22nd. We have had her since she was born though. I have an 8 year old sister, too. My parents are always there for us when we need them and work so hard. The yard is something they are not very good with. I keep hearing my mom say, "We need to do something with the yard, especially the front. It just looks like a big sea of green or a giant green blob". They talk about it for a few minutes and then it gets "forgotten" because they have to help my sister, change a diaper, file paperwork for the adoption, go to watch me cheer or play softball. The most popular one is something else comes up, such as cars needing fixed, me needing new shoes or something like that. They always put us first before anything else. I just really would love to see something good happen for them.


August 2016


Planting Date: Wednesday, 9/28

Nominator: Amanda Mooney, Melissa Wensing, Tiffany Matheny, Jill Hozvicka

Nominee: Colleen Starr


Their Submission:

Colleen is a wife and mother to three young boys. The youngest, Andrew (age 7), is currently recovering from a second surgery on his brain stem. Andrew has a brain tumor and is quite the trooper despite everything he has fought through. The family has just returned from Florida, where they had to travel to All Children’s Hospital for the surgery. While in Florida, Colleen and Nate had to plan for lost wages and just the scheduling/ juggling of the older boys lives while they were gone. In addition to Andrew’s condition, Nate, Colleen’s husband, was recently diagnosed with cancer for which he has begun treatment. Colleen has remained the rock in her family. She juggles work, doctor appointments, multiple therapy appointments (speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy), and all the sports practices and games that her older boys participate in. Colleen has an ability to keep everyone’s spirits up and positivity flowing. She is amazing and so deserving of a beautiful yard and so much more.


July 2016


Planting Date: Tuesday, 8/23

Nominator: Jennifer Zonar (Cathy’s daughter)

Nominee: Cathy Greathouse 


Jennifer's  Submission:

My mother is the greatest woman I know. She is kind and selfless, giving so much of herself without a second thought.

She watches my girls while my husband and I work. But she does more than babysit. She helps raise them, hugs them, loves them, takes them to appointments and practices and games. She guides them. She kisses boo boos and plays with them. She'll sit out in the rain and cold to cheer on soccer games. She'll drive hours to pick up her granddaughters from college. She teaches them about plants and flowers and how to take care of them. I have a black thumb, so this is something that I can't teach. My youngest is always asking to go flower/plant shopping so they can garden together.

My mom is also a matriarch of our family. She is the go-to person for everything and everyone. You need advice, call my mom. You need a sympathetic ear, call my mom. You need a ride somewhere or help with anything, call my mom. She is a pseudo mom to some of my cousins and pseudo grandma to their kids.

Even with health issues, she keeps on going. Always willing to lend a hand, always ready with a smile and a hug. She is my hero and if I could be even 1/2 the mother to my children as she is to me, they are so very lucky.


July winner on Fox 8 News Click Here 


June 2016


Planting Date: Friday, 6/17

Nominator: Sheila Harris

Nominee: Olga Hayworth (Sheila's mother)


Sheila's  Submission:

My mother is 86 years old and a throat cancer survivor since 1977. She recently suffered a heart attack and most of the time is house bound.  She has a very nice ranch style home in Euclid with a yard that should be enjoyed.  However, she does not go outside because she said "there is nothing to look at". When my father was living, he and I kept the yard full of flowers but he has been with the Lord for 19 years. I believe that my mother's mood and health would improve if she had a reason to go outside. My mother loves flowers especially yellow roses. I pray that you will help her get her flowers while she can enjoy them.


June winner on Fox 8 News Click Here 


Sept 2015


Planting Date: Monday, 10/19

Nominator: Lisa McFadden

Nominee: Virgina Schmook (Lisa's friend)


Lisa's  Submission:

I would like to nominate my dear friend of 29 years, Lisa McFadden. Lisa is constantly giving and taking care of others and never wants anything in return or any accolades. Just a little bit about Lisa, she is the mother of Jim and Julia and the wife of Paul. She is a dedicated worker for the city of Middleburg Heights for 30 years. Approximately 6 years ago she donated a kidney to a co-worker just because it was something she felt she had to do. On May 1, 2015, Lisa’s life changed forever. Her son Jim, a Harvard graduate, who just finished his first year at George Washington Law School, suddenly passed away. He too was a giver, teaching English in Korea for three years and spending time in Africa to teach a better life. To honor my dear friend and her family, I would love to nominate her for a flower bombing. It would be so nice to bring a smile to my friend’s face!

Here AJ Petitti announce September's winner on Fox 8 News Click Here


Aug 2015


Planting Date: Monday, 9/14

Nominator: Angela Banks Burke

Nominee: Ruby Banks (Ruby's daughter)


Angela's  Submission:

My name is Angela Banks Burke and Ruby is my mother. She has been blessed with 8 children, 25 grandchildren & 4 great-grandchildren, plus my parents have been happily married for 54 years. My mother is the epitome of the greatest mother on earth because she always puts others first. She loves flowers and unfortunately hasn't been able to get the look she'd like to see of flowers around their home. Since she doesn't get outside much, it would be nice to bring the flowers to her. Please consider my mother for a flower bomb, thank you so very much! God bless!

Here AJ Petitti announce August's 'Flower Bombing' winner on Fox 8 News Click Here


July 2015


Planting Date: Monday, 8/24

Nominator: Lovie Ward

Nominee: Mary Cardwell (Lovie's sister)


Lovie’s Submission:

I would like to nominate my sister Mary Cardwell as your next "Flower Bomb" winner! Currently, my sister is the caregiver of our 88 year old mother whose bed ridden and loves beautiful flowers. My sister is also a lifelong caregiver to her soon to be 30 year old son who has Down Syndrome. My sister devotes her time and life effortlessly in the care of our mother and her son. My sister makes sure that my mother and nephew get their share of fresh air by wheeling my mother to the front porch each and every day (if weather permits) so that she is able to enjoy the outside. On June 14, 2015 my sister celebrated her 64th birthday and I would like to give her a "Belated Birthday Gift" and show my appreciation for all that she does for our mother by "spreading cheer" to her front porch (yard) with a flower bomb!

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