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Proper installation is critical to the success of any new plant. Proper soil amendments and skillful planting will help ensure their growth and development.  We back our Petitti Planting Service with our 1 year guarantee* covering plant, labor and planting material costs.

Here is how it works:

  • All trees and shrubs include the 1 year Petitti Garden Center guarantee*.
  • Petitti’s will contact you within 2 business days from date of purchase to arrange an installation date (please be aware that there may be up to a 2 week lead time needed for an installation).
  • Installation includes:  plant pick-up, delivery, soil preparation, proper planting and labor!
  • A Petitti Planting Pack-$25.97 (Petitti Planting Mix, Bio-tone Starter & Plant/Holly-tone fertilizer) is highly recommended, and should be present at the time of installation to prepare the soil, ensure root development, and healthy growth. *These materials are required for the 1 year Petitti Garden Center guarantee.
  • You do not need to be home at the time of installation.
  • Clearly identify where you want your plants installed prior to the arrival of Petitti’s Planting Service with a flag that will be provided at time of purchase with the plant’s name.
  • Roots, stumps, rocks or debris should be removed before the installation date.  If there are obstacles at the planting site, the plant(s) will be relocated to the nearest open spot.
  • Mark out any gas, power, cable, drain, sprinkler or invisible fence lines that may be in the planting area.  Petitti Garden Centers is not responsible for damage to any lines.
  • Trees are staked to ensure steadfast root development and will be staked depending on variety and site conditions.  Tree stakes should be removed when roots have developed (about 1 year after planting).

If you notice a problem with your plant material, please contact the Petitti Garden Center where you made your purchase, and have your Petitti Rewards information or receipt ready.

Petitti Planting Service price list per plant:

1 GAL $10
2 GAL $15
3 GAL $20
5 GAL $25
7 GAL $30
10 GAL $50
15 GAL $75
$25 GAL $200
45 GAL $250
B & B $100
ARBS $60
$150 Minimum Charge