The Petitti Story…growing a better world, today and tomorrow!

Our family loves growing good stuff for you!  By growing 98% of our plants locally in Northeast Ohio, we can guarantee the best value and highest quality products are available to you each day.  We have taken giant steps to deliver this promise to you, by implementing processes and strategies in our day-to-day operations that are both cost effective and environmentally friendly.  Our story encompasses who we are and what we stand for: passionate supporters of our local economy, our customers, and our environment!

Giving Back

The community has made us what we are today, and Petitti’s is committed to giving back by helping those that have contributed to our success over the years.  We participate in several charitable organizations, through speaking engagements, donations of plants and donations of funds to local family-oriented groups such as St. Malachi, Rainbow Babies Hospital, Camp Cheerful, and University Hospitals Ireland Cancer Center.  We are proud of our affiliation with these much deserving non-profit organizations.

Our Green Promise

Recycling.  In order to protect our natural resources, improve quality of life and further strengthen our local economy, we recycle.  New for 2010, all seven of our retail locations will be encouraging Petitti customers to bring back their used Petitti pots and flats.  Designated recycling bins will be set up at each location so that you can easily drop off your used containers.  Your family can help us with this small step as we strive to keep our neighboring communities clean and our local economy strong – RECYCLE WITH PETITTI’S!

Energy Conservation

We guarantee you that we are doing everything in our power to implement the most efficient processes at our stores and growing facilities. In 2009, we invested in a super high-efficiency biomass furnace installed at our “green house” production facility Casa Verde. The furnace is fueled by waste wood chips that would normally be discarded in a landfill. This helps the environment by reducing the dependency on non-renewable fuel sources, by producing low carbon emissions and by using the remaining ash for agricultural soil enrichment.

Water Efficiency

We are passionate about preserving our local Great Lakes water system, having always relied on natural rainwater collection to water our plants at all of our growing facilities.  Furthermore, we use capillary mats, drip irrigation and flood floor greenhouses to make the most of this resource.  All of these efficient irrigation practices save water by simply putting the water where the plant needs it to grow.  We make investments like this in our business to continually offer you the highest quality plants at the lowest cost and environmental impact.

Our staff

Over 300 of your Northeast Ohio neighbors support their families by working at our facilities.  They are continually trained to be knowledgeable on the newest products, plants and gardening solutions.  Our employees are rich in local gardening expertise to educate, inspire and offer creative ideas to help you with all of your gardening needs.  They are committed to working hard in order to create the best experience for you every time you visit a Petitti Garden Center.  Superior people and service make the difference!

Petitti’s - passionate about building a stronger community and a safer environment, and a beautiful world for generations ahead!